Joining the Coutrymen



1. Come hang out, ride and develop friendships (Click here for Event Calendar)
2. Fill out membership application below when you’re ready
3. Get voted in by the members when the time is right

Who can join?

Anyone can join the Countrymen Meetup group, and ride and/or hang out with us at our public events. Being voted in provides members with the awesome Countrymen crest patch, and a pair of organizational name tape and road name patches symbolizing our strong support for our nation, for each other and the Countrymen Patriot Brotherhood.

We’re a pretty accepting bunch, only asking for a good attitude, a good effort in developing and maintaining friendships within the organization, monthly dues of $20 to cover operational and promotional costs, and an acceptance of exclusive commitment to this motorcycle organization. No dues are paid until members are voted in.


Some qualifications are waiverable, and waved on a case-by-case basis. Contact us or ask an officer next time you see one if you have questions. License and insurance are non-negotiable.

  • Have displayed good and trustworthy character commensurate with an organization supporting service members, veterans and first responders;
  • Be 21 years of age;
  • Have been born and be currently living as a male;
  • Be the owner of record of a motorcycle, or the rider of a motorcycle to which he has unrestricted access;
  • Have submitted an online application for membership, including supporting documents, through the website (below)
  • Have displayed active interest through participation and communication with the Brotherhood to a reasonable extent
  • Have produced to the Aide-de-Camp (through the form online below) their valid motorcycle driver’s license;
  • Have produced to the Aide-de-Camp (through the form online below) their current insurance documentation for the motorcycle(s) they ride in the group;
  • Have attended a minimum of three (3) Brotherhood functions, one (1) of which must be a motorcycle ride with other members;

Do I have to prospect with the Countrymen?

Because we are not a Motorcycle Club (MC), there is not a regulated prospect period per sé. Instead we like to get to know other bikers, make sure it’s a good fit, and give you the time to make sure we’re a good fit for you as well. Membership is not for life, and it only meant to establish a formal relationship between you, the brotherhood, and the other members. New members are voted in by a majority vote amongst existing members when the time feels right.

What about other organizations or clubs?

Membership in the Countrymen Motorcycle Brotherhood does not preclude you from riding with, or being a friend of another motorcycle organization from the point-of-view of our organization. Friendships in the greater motorcycle community is not regulated in the Countrymen. However, a commitment to becoming a dues-paying, voted-in member and more importantly wearing our crest as a symbol of solidarity precludes membership in both the Countrymen and another patched organization such as an MC, RC or MM.

Interested? Apply now…